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Smart Partner Limited helps you take care of whatever needs you may have in your home: from furnishing, picture hanging, unblocking toilet to ensuring that your washing machine is working well...

Making an appointment with our handyman is as easy as making a call. Upon receipt of your order, our company will issue an order form to the Handyman and you can sign off upon satisfactory completion of the works.

Terms and Conditions




Terms and Conditions (Handyman Services)

1. Acceptance of this Service Order is at the discretion of Smart Partner Limited (the Company).
2. Payment should be made immediately upon completion of work. (C.O.D)
3. Item not listed in the above should be quoted separately, after pre-inspection if necessary
4. Protection and debris removal NOT included in both standard rates and quotation items.
5. Two working days prior notice should be given to amend/cancel the arrangement of work.
6. The Company reserves the right to charge handling fee upon cancellation of the order or no show by the Occupants/Clients. The amount of such handling fee shall be determined by the Company at its sole discretion.
7. If there is any dispute over the use of the Services, the decision of the Company shall be final and absolute.
8. The charges quoted above are subject to change without prior notices.
9. Under no circumstance may the employees of Smart Partner Limited ask for or demand gratuities.
10. The Company, its directors, officers and employees shall not be liable to the Client or any person whomsoever for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of the Services.
11. The Company may, at its discretion, and at any time, suspend temporarily or permanently, or terminate any of the Services without notice and without the Client's consent and all disclaimers and limitations of the Company's liability will survive after termination.

Service Agreement
1. Except emergency attendance, work is to be carried out in normal hours. i.e. 9:00 a.m. to 6:00p.m. Monday to Friday except Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
2. Attendance by the Client/Occupant throughout the appointment is expected. Smart Partner Limited and its workers, employees etc should not be liable to the Clients/Tenants/Occupants or third parties for any loss or stolen valuables within the Premises in the process of maintenance/inspection works. All valuables, including currency, should be removed from the Premises, or well kept by the Clients/Tenants/Occupants or otherwise shall be at the Clients/Tenants/Occupants' risk.
3. All pets should be removed or securely fastened prior to the attendance of our services.
4. Client shall provide use of water (from kitchen) and electricity.
5. In case of loss/ theft, report to the police immediately.
6. Client should provide safe working environments.
7. Smart Partner will not keep keys and attendance by Client is always required.
8. Works/ appointments will be cancelled upon black rainstorm and typhoon signal 8.

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