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In addition to the artistic element of their profession, interior designers also have to take into account macro-environmental changes and handle special requirements by particular clients. The following are some examples of major considerations:
  • home size (ie almost the smallest in the world )
  • household size
  • types of home ownership and frequency of moves
  • advances in technology (ie home automation, security and popularity of home computers)
  • frequency of furniture replacements
  • lifestyle (ie local bay-boomers at middle management levels who have Western living experience and single expatriates tend to buy IKEA, middle-aged foreigners and local wealthy family tend to buy from specialty stores
  • Economy (ie People tend to shop smarter and more price-conscious during the economic downturn)

We keep abreast of the latest trends from real and repeated experience, which become a solid foundation for providing our services in a professional manner at a highly competitive rate.

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